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Three Clicks Away

Advice from the Trenches of eCommerce


by Michael Drapkin, Jon Lowy and Daniel Marovitz


For executives and middle managers who are responsible for developing their company's e-commerce strategy, the main dilemma is how to effectively lead and manage these initiatives in a constantly changing, technically challenging environment, while at the same time creating a site that is a profit center for their company.  Fortunately for these business leaders, the long awaited, hands-on resource these need to successfully launch and follow through on their e-commerce initiatives is here. 


THREE CLICKS AWAY: Advice from the Trenches of eCommerce (Wiley; April 20, 2001; $29.95) presents the collective experience of three distinguished Internet strategists, who have led e-commerce initiatives for such notable firms as Gateway, Dow Jones, iVillage, Nickelodeon and Casio. Intended to provide executives and managers with the solutions and tools they need to successfully launch and maintain e-commerce sites, THREE CLICKS AWAY is a tactical guide that shows managers how to develop e-commerce strategy, revamp the organization so that it can support e-commerce initiatives, and manage these multi-disciplinary, complex projects.


Focusing on the critical areas of strategy, organization, and project management, the authors unveil how powerful web companies operate and what their people do; ways to locate competent resources to help drive cost-effective development in the new internet arena; and can't-miss tactics for evaluating and supervising new projects.  Topics include:


·        Exploring the different types of e-commerce business models and guidelines for moving businesses to the Web

·        Finding start-up niches, structuring them, and funding them

·        Avoiding the most common web-staffing mistakes and getting the most from recruiting time and dollars

·        Managing growth and building organizational structures that maintain control and promote speed.


Featuring numerous real-world examples from well-known businesses, the first clue to success is in the title of this book: customers should never be more than THREE CLICKS AWAY from the information they need.




About the Authors


Michael Drapkin is the founder and Principal of Drapkin Technology and chairs  ecommerce Management at Columbia University’s Advanced IT Management program.  Drapkin Technology (, based in Monsey, NY, provides senior-level business, technology and management expertise to enable profitable Web businesses and e-commerce.


Jon Lowy is Director of Internet Architecture for Deutsche Bank’s online investment banking division, eGCI, which is charged with developing online trading and research systems for retail and institutional clients on a worldwide basis. Prior to this position, he was Chief e-commerce Architect for Gateway. Lowy is a founder and the architect of, a web-based peer-to-peer system that allows communities of users to share files safely and conveniently.


Daniel Marovitz is the Director of Internet Strategy for Deutsche Bank. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Marovitz held positions at Dow Jones and Gateway. He worked directly with the president of Gateway to establish the company’s website and Intranet. Marovitz also worked for iVillage as their vice president of commerce.



Three Clicks Away

Advice from the Trenches of eCommerce

By Michael Drapkin, Jon Lowy, Daniel Marovitz

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Publication date: April 20, 2001

$29.95;Cloth; ISBN: 0-471-39682-6



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