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3.0 what we've done
  3.1 MCY Music, Inc.
  3.2 Frankfurt Balkind
  3.3 iClips
  3.4 Brouillard Communications
  3.5 Broadmark Capital
  3.6 DeQor.com
  3.7 NetExchange
  3.8 Sony Music
  3.9 LetsPlay, Inc.
  3.10 Wineshopper.com
  3.11-3.14 Gateway
  3.15 Nick Online
  3.16 iVillage
  3.17-3.18 Oven Digital

3.1   MCY Music, Inc.
Took over and put back on track a $14 million web development project while saving the firm cash outlays of $3.5 million. Developed business, web and technology strategies and partnerships. Recruited senior staff and brought in funding partners.

3.2   Frankfurt Balkind Technology Management
Managed the firm's technology on an outsource basis for this major New York City agency. Oversaw technology for new media, traditional ad agency and all infrastructure. A Drapkin Technology senior manager is acting as their Director of Technology.

3.3   iClips Deal with Akamai
Put together a streaming video relationship with Akamai for the distribution of individual video clips. Helped negotiate the deal and established a partnership.

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3.4   Expertise and Strategy for Brouillard
Provided subject matter expertise and strategy for Brouillard Communications, an ad agency that is a division of J. Walter Thompson. Assisted them with a major database manufacturer, providing expertise on the subject matter. Also defined the strategy and idea for their client's next major ad campaign.

3.5   Broadmark Capital
Arranged and sourced the revamping and buildout of Broadmark's office infrastructure through one of Drapkin Technology's deep bench of strategic partners.

3.6   Strategy, Planning and Sourcing for DeQor.com
Drapkin Technology was involved from the very earliest stages of this internet startup and has assisted with business structuring, planning, analysis, project planning and sourcing of major vendors for the development of this promising eCommerce venture. Drapkin Technology senior managers led the technology aspects of the site as well.

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3.7   Marketing and Strategy Consulting for NetExchange
Drapkin Technology took the lead in helping restructure and refine the product focus and clientele for this internet technology application service provider. A senior Drapkin Technology marketing expert performed a marketing analysis and a written set of recommendations.

3.8   Sony Music
Put together a plan for the distribution of CD tracks to Sony offices.

3.9   Software Development for LetsPlay
Drapkin Technology sourced the development of a high volume email distribution system for this dot-com web startup.

3.10   Quick Resources for Wineshopper.com
Provided last minute on-site resources to bring part of Wineshopper.com's infrastructure back online in San Francisco. Provided ongoing technology support until internal staff was able to take over production.

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3.11  System Operations Management for Gateway
Ran and provided system administration resources for the day to day system operations for the PC manufacturer Gateway in San Diego. Operations were based on systems and server infrastructure that was also built by Drapkin Technology for Gateway.

3.12  Consolidation of National Offices for Gateway Internet
Drapkin Technology planned, architected and managed the consolidation of four offices of the PC manufacturer Gateway into a single location. Offices were located in four different states across the United States. The infrastructure, equipment, business processes and real time production web systems were all moved to a single San Diego location under Drapkin Technology management. In addition, San Diego networks, DMZ, firewalls, servers and WAN configurations were all done by Drapkin Technology personnel.

3.13  Operation of gateway.com
Drapkin Technology staff participated in the day to day operations of the highly visited gateway.com web site, where millions of dollars worth of PCs are ordered on a daily basis.

3.14  Architected Sales Tax Backend into Gateway Web Site
Drapkin Technology architected the integration of PC manufacturer Gateway's legacy AS/400 sales tax system into their heavily trafficked eCommerce web site. Drapkin Technology performed the system analysis and design for providing a two-way real time pathway between the existing AS/400s and their NT server farm. The final deliverable was a project document and plan for the entire implementation.

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3.15  Audience Development for Nick Online
Revamping and enhancing the website for increased traffic through the management of metatags and search engines so that the site gets better search engine exposure and hit rates. Drapkin Technology is designing and implementing a plan as well as providing ongoing management.

3.16   Warehouse Setup and Move, iVillage
Drapkin Technology was responsible for overall project management of the move to a new brick and mortar warehouse. This included a new supply chain management system and infrastructure for order fulfillment at the iBaby unit of iVillage.com. Drapkin Technology interfaced with all vendors and consolidated project information into a cohesive extranet for the informative benefit of iVillage's senior management. Also involved in the management of some individual projects such as disaster recovery, system backup infrastructure, telephony migration and enhancement.

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3.17  Closed a Million Dollar Shopping Project for Oven Digital
Drapkin Technology helped to close a million dollar eCommerce project with a major internet shopping concern for premium web design firm Oven Digital. Drapkin Technology senior technology managers provided the punch needed to close this deal by representing the depth of Oven Digital's technology expertise to their client. Project has since yielded Oven significant incremental revenue.

3.18  Closed a Premium Jewelry Client for Oven Digital
Drapkin Technology helped to close another million-dollar eCommerce project with a leading international jewelry firm for premium web design firm Oven Digital. Drapkin Technology senior technology managers represented Oven Digital's technology expertise to their client, leading to the signing of a major contract.

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